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Vitamin B 12

DSCF0038.JPGVitamin B12 is very important for your body it helps in the production of new red blood cells, and it is only found in animal products, supplements, and food enriched with it. So vegetarians who dont take supplements, or elderly who may not absorb the vitamin as well are at risk of becoming anemic due to a lack of sufficient supply of B12. The richest source of Vitamin B12 is of course organ meat; liver, kidneys, ect..


Calc Phos


Calcium Phosphate (6X) is another one of the 12 tissue salts that promotes cell growth making it important for your bones, teeth, and connective tissues. As a tissue salt its useful for growing pains, healing your broken bones, soar throats and heartburn.

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Dry coughs

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A dry cough causes pain that makes it difficult to breath. the first two remedies that come to mind are bryonia, and phos. becoming over heated can aggravate a bryonia case, while phos is better from warmth and laying on their right side. Phos also has more of a burning sensation. recommended dose two 30C pellets with a glass of water two times a day till symptoms start to improve, if you are unsure of the remedy please contact me, or another health care professional.

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If your child is suffering from nightmares so bad they are afraid to go to sleep, they have to sleep with a night light because they are afraid of the dark, or they might cry in their sleep, they may benefit from a dose of Strom 30C.

Stromonium is often used to clear symptoms of nightmares and fear of the dark. If this doesn’t work, you may need to consult a homeopath to take a full case.

Lentils Soup


Lentils is one powerful vegetable, and should be included in every ones diet plan, its high in vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, iron, and protein. To add to that it also has loads of both soluble and insoluble fibre to support both your heart and digestive system. To top that off it stabilizes your blood sugar level and is low in calories one cup is approximately 230 calories. Continue reading “Lentils Soup”

Hangover Remedy

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You suffering from a hang over instead of reaching that over the counter drug that can damage your body, why not try Nux Vomica 30C, the most used homeopathic remedy to treat hangovers
heart burn, indigestion upset stomach, and nausea caused by Alcohol

Recommended dose 2-4 pellets, once every six hours until symptoms pass, and keep hydrated

Calc Fluor


Calcium fluoride (6X) is one of the 12 tissue salts and is found on the bones surface, enamel of teeth, and elastic fibers in your body such as blood vessels, mussels and connective tissue. As a tissue salt it has many uses such as strengthening weak, brittle bones, poor teeth enamel, and may heal bone spurs. Calcium fluoride is also widely used to restore the elasticity of the tissues (stretch marks, hard or thickened skin, ect).

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Vitamin D

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Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, which helps maintain healthy bones and teeth. It has been observed that certain diseases such as arthritis progress faster in those without the recommended amount of the vitamin. Vitamin D also helps your muscles, nerves and immune system to work properly.

It is true that Vitamin D can be produced by the skin when in direct sunlight, most people dont get enough vitamin D due to working indoors, thicker clothing, and sunscreen so its important to get vitamin D though diet and supplements

Milk will be my food source example for Vitamin D because it is an excellent source with a sixth of the daily recommended value in each cup (250ml). it can also be found in eggs, margarine, and certain fish and fish oils.

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